2021 Intake

To fully support your development as a practitioner and teacher of Hatha Yoga, and your experience of Yoga beyond the mat, the program is presented through two modules— Living Yoga and Teaching the Level I Hatha Yoga class — that, together, include 220+ contact hours offered over two residential retreats and twenty-three full-day training sessions. As a primary focus of the training is the integration of Yoga into daily life, the program includes personal Yoga and meditation practice requirements and other noncontact study requirements in addition to the scheduled contact hours. The non-contact time requirement, including personal Yoga and meditation practice, reading, study and additional teaching practice time, varies from person to person, and on whether you take the two modules separately or together, but expect it to be a minimum average of six hours per week.

Module 1—Living Yoga (55 contact hours):
Living Yoga runs as both a stand-alone program and as Module 1 of the 200+ hour Teacher Training.  It is a four-month program that focuses on building home practice, and covers the yogic lifestyle components of the Teacher Training curriculum through exploring all the branches of Integral Yoga in detail and integrating yogic teachings into every day living. It can be taken prior to, or concurrent with Module 2.

Module 2—Teaching the Level I Hatha Yoga Class (165+ contact hours):
June 4—Nov 2, 2021: A five-month program, presented over sixteen full-day Sunday sessions and two residential retreats that focuses on gaining the skills and confidence to teach the Integral Yoga Level I Hatha Yoga class.
This is where we make a deep dive into how to teach Hatha Yoga, from the strong foundation of personal practice we develop through the Living Yoga module. Module 2 has two key components:
• Personal Yoga practice at home and in Yoga classes (that you will individually design, review and refine during our training days)
• Teaching the Level I Hatha Yoga Class presented over sixteen full-day training sessions, two residential retreats, home study and teaching practice

Please click Integral Yoga Living Yoga and 200-Hour Teacher Training Prospectus 2021 for detailed information or if you are keen to apply for Integral Yoga 200-hour Teacher Training or Living Yoga as a stand-alone program and would like an application form, please email Chitra Stern at chitra108@bigpond.com.