Integral Yoga 200-hour Hatha I Teacher Training is an internationally recognised Yoga Teacher Training program, where you have the opportunity to live Yoga as fully as possible, learning to teach with confidence, from the depth of your own experience.

For over forty years students from all around the world have participated in Integral Yoga Teacher Training and we are delighted once again to be able to offer this program in Australia. This comprehensive certification program provides a strong foundation for personal and spiritual development, an appreciation for nurturing your own practice, and skills to become a knowledgeable and professional Yoga Teacher. The Integral Yoga training process naturally fosters the sensitivities to help you create a safe environment where your students will feel free to realise their own potential, gaining respect for themselves and a greater capacity to be of service to others.

The program runs over 12 months in two modules, and offers a 200 hour certification. The training includes residential retreats and non-residential training days as well as home practice, attendance at Integral Yoga Hatha classes and completion of written and practical assessment tasks.

The combination of residential and extended part-time training offers the ideal opportunity to experience the teachings of Integral Yoga in depth and integrate them into your daily life. Graduates will have all the necessary training, skills and confidence to teach Integral Yoga Basic/ Level 1 classes.

Module 1 of the training (Living Integral Yoga) focuses on understanding the six branches of Integral Yoga, refining our personal practices and integrating Yoga into our daily lives, so we have a strong base in personal experience from which to teach, and Module 2 (Teaching the Level 1 Integral Yoga Hatha Class) focuses on developing the skills required to teach.

Please note: Module 1 can be taken as a stand-alone unit for those wanting to really dive into Yoga, but not interested in teaching.

Having just completed a Teacher Training, we are now taking expressions of interest for our next program. To request more information please email Chitra at